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Our Pharmacy


Our James Snow Pharmacy


Our convenient pharmacy is the perfect place to fill and refill your prescriptions; at our well-stocked drugstore, you may also order a wealth of high-quality, over-the-counter medications and health care products. To offer you premium ease and flexibility, we provide service online and at our Milton, Ontario bricks-and-mortar location.

If you’re interested in shopping online and enjoying the very best service, pricing and shipping, be sure to register at our website; when you sign up here, you’ll gain access to special deals, helpful advice from our pharmacist, and informative, health-oriented newsletters.


We are also proud to offer our registered customers a special bonus program that is designed to reward customer loyalty; we truly appreciate your patronage, so we reward you for any referrals that you bring to use…when you refer a new client, you’ll earn points that you can use to save money on your next order…

Our caring, licensed pharmacist is available to answer all of your questions, so feel free to contact him via our website (or by telephone). At James Snow Pharmacy, we work hard to give you comprehensive service on and off the Internet…


We are currently accepting new patients at our adjacent James Snow Medical clinic, and we always welcome new clients to our on and offline pharmacies…


To streamline your pharmacy needs, register at our website today and contact us with any questions or concerns…we are here to help.