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Our Clinic


James Snow Medical offers an array of convenient health care services under one roof; for example, we feature an on-site lab,Blood Withdrawal, Cardiology care, convenient pharmacy to fill all of your prescription and over-the-counter medication needs. In addition, our location is found in central Milton, Ontario…we are very easy to travel to when you need medical care for yourself or your family.


Most health care clinics just don’t offer this sort of comprehensive service, and we are proud of the full-service health care that we offer to new and returning patients …


Our online booking service is also second-to-none; when you register with our website, you’ll be able to take advantage of convenient online booking that allows you to schedule your next appointment through our website, and then receive confirmation of your appointment time in your email Inbox as soon as our team approves your request. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to organize your health care through your home computer or smartphone!


At James Snow Medical, we are devoted to our patients, and we provide premium health care that is always sensitive, compassionate, and professional. Please browse our website and reach out to us via our contact information…


We welcome new patients to our walk-in clinic and our family practice clinic; we also welcome new clients to our online and bricks-and-mortar pharmacies…


Our location close to 401 so, we have easy access to Kitchner,Acton and George town.


We look forward to seeing you soon…thank you for visiting our website today.